Chairman – Mike Charlesworth

Public face of the club and main contact for outside bodies.
First point of call for members with suggestions, complaints and matters of procedure.
Has casting vote in tied votes within committee.
Promotes PHC activities within membership and wider audience.


Vice Chairman – Mike Lawson

Mike will step in for Mike if he is unable to be present for any events or meetings.

He too, is a point of call for members with suggestions, complaints and matters of procedure.

Secretary and Scorer– Carol Wood

Carol will handle all correspondence on behalf of the club, produce the annual yearbooks, handbooks and newsletters. The secretary also issues membership forms, and maintains the Club membership list.

Carol is also responsible for organising and preparing the Event Calendar, receiving entries and preparing schedules of times & running order for event days, completing the scoring system at events and publishing the event results.

Treasurer – Richard Wood

Richard is responsible for all matters financial including club insurances. Depository for official papers.


Course Builders – Richard Wood, Mike Lawson and Mike Charlesworth

Richard, Mike and Mike design and construct courses for events, bearing in mind the venue, terrain and suitability. They are also responsible for anything to do with the event layout on the day, for the maintenance of course materials and equipment and running Make Do & Mend Days.

Safety Officer - Mike Charlesworth

Mike holds overall responsibility for Safety issues at club events. He is responsible for preparing Risk Assessments for each event and for maintaining the Accident Report Book.

Minutes Secretary - Sally Milburn

Sally will record and distribute Minutes of all meetings held. Sally will also assist Jayne with organising and assigning Stewads for events,



Steward Secretary - Sally Milburn

Sally contacts, organises and assigns stewards for events, and advising what is required. They also distribute steward paperwork and equipment on the event day. Main contact for steward training days.


Publicity Officers - Jayne Hayes and Sue Lawson

Jayne and Sue will actively promote Poacher Harness Club through Tack Shops, Livery Yards, Feed Merchants and similar outlets and through any other resources available to them.

Qualified First Aiders up to End March 2026

Jayne Hayes, Sally Milburn, Maureen Wraight and Phil Wraight